I remember that when I was a little boy, I asked my parents why people exchanged money when they are completely useless. Because everybody could exchange things he can build for things he needs, right?

However, the world was yet unable to implement such a system and although I would be in favor of exchanging things I can do for things I need, I am afraid that not everybody in the world is willing to barter robot-programming for gas cartridges or swap computer repair services for a map of Pamir mountains.

I have never wanted to get sponsored by any company, because that corrupts the whole idea of freedom, that traveling should be all about. I didn’t want to wait for the I-have-enough-money-now moment either, as I am afraid that moment would never come. And so I just went. I believe, that if a man craves something, with all his heart, the Universe will unite for the cause. I believe in the forest, and in the meadow, and in the night in which the corn grows and above all I believe in people who live in those forests and meadows and Universes.

I do not believe and I do not rely on some deus-ex-machina solutions, considering my budget, but any help is always appreciated, therefore, if you liked my story, you can become a part of it and push me another bit forward by clicking the Donate  button. (or sending directly to the bank account as denoted by IBAN number below)


IBAN: CZ11 0100 0000 4318 5708 0227


Any amount will help – I already managed to get off with just as little as $5 per week. Besides the food, 90% of donations will support the asian bureaucratic apparatus anyway and apart from a thank note I will leave for you bellow, you will be able to see my passport get fat by swallowing a fresh visa salad.


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  1. Hey Matej, It was great to meet you, chat, spend some time on the road and the road of life. Hit the road! JR

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