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Special thanks to…

  • My granny in the first place! For fattenning me up before the journey, for waiting for my return, for her restless thoughts of my whereabouts. Even now.
  • Kačenka, for giving me the courage to go.
  • My family, especially Karel Balga, for tireless support.
  • Creanza’s, especially to Angelantonio Creanza, Marcantonio Creanza and Grazia Berloco for three wonderful weeks in Altamura, for divine hospitality, for feeling of home, for everything I have learned there.
  • Andrej KravčukMarloes Vlind, Janine Bratt, Marco DiPlacido, Katie Rennie and Laura Kiniry for all the laughter and deep conversations at the table.
  • Kioumi’s for four highly comfortable days in Thessaloniki. And the shoes and gloves! And a raincoat! Thank you so much!
  • Ömer Yakar for the best month and companionship in Ankara.
  • Brice Andlauer for sharing a part of our journeys together.
  • Duan Wang for dreaming in the desert.
  • Michaelu Dann for work and home in Hefei.
  • Angelantonio Creanza once more for becoming my Canadian father
  • Charles Haynes for gigs (not only) in Vancouver.

Thanks to…

Martina Novotná, Vlastimír Havlíček, Martin Benovič, Mikulincovi, Ferenčíkovi, Vanja Rodošek, Mojka, Zdravko & Jan Lesjak, Bike Center Maribor, Beppe Cataudo, Leonard Boselli, Misercordia Radicofani, Angelo Dabala, Francesco Langella, Bardhyl Hasa, Erdogan Yilmaz, Hilmi Ciffci, Reza Memar, Masood Alinaghian, Sara Ramezany, Amir Mazloomi, Hassan Zeranghian, Fourough Khademi, Grand Samarkand Superior Hotel, Sandra Lower, Adán Hernandéz, Iris Vandenham, Dana Whinery, Ben Barton, Marlynn Bourque, Erika Heyligers, Selina Heyligers-Hare, Jérome Belanger, Justin Van Emmerik

And all the other good people I meet every day on the road without whom I would never get as far as I already did.

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